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Invisible orthodontic treatment at new ivory dental and implant clinic in Dubai

Not only are crooked teeth unsightly, but they can also lead to serious oral health problems in the long run, including cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. Fortunately, dental technology has come a long way and New Ivory is proud to be a certified invisible orthodontic provider. If you are experiencing anything from a slight gap or crowding to severe asymmetrical teeth, then you may be the perfect candidate for Invisible Orthodontics in Dubai.

We provide digital, modern orthodontic facilities for orthodontic treatment , helping patients restore their natural smile.

Straightening teeth with invisible orthodontic treatment

Invisible aligners include a set of clear aligners that gradually push your teeth into a more natural position based on your teeth and facial structure. The clarity of the material and the lack of traditional wires and brackets that cause discomfort and pain around the gums make invisible corrections an easy option for smile correction. Transparency makes invisible correction a discreet correction technique, so there’s no need to be embarrassed. Our orthodontists in Dubai consider every detail before recommending invisible corrections. Our Invisibility Correction Dubai specialists will make sure you are the right candidate for Invisibility Correction before recommending the procedure.

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Invisalign Dubai Clinic

Invisible Correction Dubai System

The Invisalign Dubai system includes clear, removable aligners designed with advanced 3D computer imaging technology. This special imaging software allows experts to create customized aligners. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks before switching to the next aligner until you reach the desired position. The system may include accessories that help hold the appliance in place or perform more complex tooth movements.

Why choose Invisible Correction Dubai?

  • Invisible correction is convenient because it is almost invisible!
  • It’s removable, so it helps maintain oral hygiene!
  • Less time required for medical examination
  • Recommended for athletes/models/teachers and others who are often in the public eye
  • Invisible corrections allow you to view your virtual results before starting treatment!

Process and what you should expect

Step 1: We always start with a comprehensive consultation to learn more about your dental needs and see if invisible correction is indeed the treatment that suits your exact needs. Our specialists will perform an oral exam and ask about your oral history to get a clear picture of your dental needs. During this step, the specialist will advise you of the cost and estimated duration of treatment. If agreed, impressions, photographs and X-rays will be taken to the Align laboratory in Amsterdam.

Step 2: At your next appointment, the specialist will show you your digital model using special software. You can view the final position of the teeth and make changes as needed. Based on your specific requirements, a specialist will decide on a treatment plan.

Step 3: Once your custom invisible aligners are in the clinic, usually around 3 weeks or so, your specialist will make sure they fit perfectly without causing any discomfort. If any problems arise, the aligner will be modified. However, in most cases, aligners can be perfectly integrated because they are designed according to your exact impression.

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Invisalign Dubai

Step 4: The last step usually involves checking to make sure you are comfortable with the device. Occasionally, your specialist will make small adjustments to ensure the correct adjustment of the aligner.

You will be notified about your next visit to Dubai Dental Clinic . If there are any complications with your invisible orthodontic system, your specialist will be on hand to check and make adjustments. So you can go home knowing you’ve invested time and money in a system that delivers results without compromising your daily comfort.

Our team includes one of Dubai’s top dental specialists who will investigate your specific needs before offering orthodontic treatment advice. Call us today to make an appointment and speak with our experts for more details.

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