Dental Implants

4 Ways to Protect and Retain Your Dental Implants

Dentalimplants are often the best way to replace missing teeth. They can be a substantial investment that require your care and attention. Think of it this way, if you invest in an expensive property, you wouldn’t just leave it on its own for years. You will maintain it to ensure that it retains its value and ultimately it’s longevity. Dental implants are the same way. Dental clinic will suggest for this.

When you choose to get dental implants Dubai, you commit for a comprehensive procedure that can a lot of time. On the other hand, your implantologistputs his time to ensure your implant supplements your new teeth. It’s a whole lot of work and time commitment on both ends. So you really want to take into account all the precautionary measures that can save your implants and elongate their life. In this post, we have highlighted 5 most crucial ways that can make sure your implants perform their foryears to come.

Be cautious of what you eat

Never use your teeth as a replacement for a nut cracker or a bottle opener. Dentalimplants Dubaiare made of titanium, but daily wear and tear and bad habits can substantially damage their core. Avoid biting nut shells and stop using your teeth as tools to open packages and the like.

Be careful with hot and cold beverages

Never drink anything too hot or too cold especially if one follows the other. The crown, the visible portion of the dental implant, is made of porcelain, which expands with heat and contracts in low temperatures. A sudden temperature change can potentially crack the porcelain and lead to premature failure.


Be very gentle with your toothbrush

A dental implant is a complex structure containing three main parts: the crown (the outermost part), the fixure (the part anchored into the bone), and the abutment ( the part that connects the two parts together). Aggressive brushing can cause gum recession and this can destroy the bone surrounding the implant and compromise the long term stability of the implant. Use a manual brush with gentle strokes or an electric brush on a gentle setting to make sure that the gums are protected and not traumatized.

Watch how you floss

Dental implants are not natural teeth and hence lack the natural ligaments and the underlying system of nerves that allows you to be warned while flossing aggressively. Dental implants are surrounded by delicate gum that can be broken or damaged due to aggressive flossing and as a result, bacteria can penetrate into the gum and the underlying bone.

A water flosser such a Waterpik device is perfect to clean the surroundings of an implant. Whenever possible, jet water using the device to clear the surroundings of an implant.

Final thoughts

Apart from the above-mentioned precautions,  make sure to see your dental specialist from a dental clinic at least once every six months for a dental exam. The Invisalign Dubai system includes clear, removable aligners that are designed with the use of advanced 3D computer-imaging technology. Some dental complexities do not cause any symptoms until they have reached a maturity that requires serious medical attention. Therefore it is good to invest in timely care.