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Aligners v/s Braces: What should you choose?

Everyone wants a beautiful smile with their pearly whites properly aligned. However, some people have crooked teeth that require orthodontic treatment. People often find themselves in a dilemma about whether they should choose braces or aligners. Simply put, your preferences and your case help determine the right treatment for you. Clear aligners are an option if you don’t wish to compromise on your looks while getting the treatment. Contrary to this, treatment with braces is a desirable option in complicated cases where aligners won’t help. Without much ado, let’s shed light on the use of both and help you make a wise decision.


Custom-made to snugly fit the teeth, aligners are made of plastic. They gradually move the teeth in their final position for an aligned smile. Minute quantities of composite resin attached to the teeth help maintain a firm grip between the teeth and the aligners. Composite resin is a filling material that matches the tooth colour while allowing movement of the teeth.

Advantages of aligners

  • As aligners are clear, they are not noticeable, making them a favourable choice.
  • You can have a diet containing your favourite food items because you can remove them while eating.
  • They offer much comfort with minimal irritation to the surrounding oral tissues.
  • One faces no challenge in cleaning their teeth efficiently.


  • Often patients feel shy to remove aligners if they are eating in public.
  • Generally speaking, they are a bit costlier in comparison to the braces.
  • One needs to wear them for at least 22 hours every day for effective results.
  • If your case is a bit complicated, the dentist won’t recommend clear aligners in Dubai.


Made from metal or porcelain, the dentist will attach braces to your teeth. Braces help in the correct position of the teeth by providing a constant force. Rubber bands and metal wires used in braces apply force on the teeth to bring the desired movement.

Advantages of braces

  • You can choose from a variety of braces available in varying colours. There is also a choice of somewhat invisible porcelain braces.
  • Braces can treat all orthodontic cases- whether simple or complex.
  • You are free from the hassle of remembering to remove or wear them because braces attach directly to your teeth.

Disadvantages of braces

  • Treatment of braces in Dubai is not a good choice for those who cannot tolerate discomfort. Braces tend to rub on your cheeks or lips, which may cause a little discomfort.
  • It is difficult to maintain oral hygiene when you are wearing braces.
  • Unlike aligners, braces are not invisible and may affect your appearance.
  • You need to modify your diet when you have braces. Hard or sticky food items tend to cause breakage, which will delay your treatment.

What do they treat?

Both- aligners and braces help correct the bite issues and straighten your teeth. Braces can treat complicated problems like crowding with improper occlusion. Aligners help to close the gaps between the teeth and enhance the look. Well, the simpler the case, the aligners are the choice. Also, the more difficult the case, braces are preferable.

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