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Same Day Crowns

Dubai is one of the fastest cities in the world. The demand from our patients to finish work in a single visit is huge! Our patients come from all over the world, travelling farther just so they can have their dental work finished in as few visits as possible. Using cutting edge technology from the CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) system it’s possible to have both ceramic and zirconia crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges and even Implant crowns to be delivered in a single visit. How are same day crowns even possible? How does a process that used to take a few days and in the case of implants – a few months – now be completed in just a few hours? Read on to find out!

Scanning – The first step is to scan an existing old crown or broken tooth if possible. This gives the planning software a kind of “template” to design the new crown. This is called a “biocopy” and takes about a minute or two. The next step is to prepare and shape the tooth in the normal way – about a mm of the tooth is trimmed down to make sure the crown has enough bulk and strength to last a long time. We use a proprietary kind of ceramic called e-max which is time tested with millions of restorations all around the world and multi-shaded Zirconia which is unmatched in strength and durability. Both these materials require a thickness of only 1mm to fabricate predictable, long lasting crowns. Once the “prep” is complete, a second scan is done to capture the new shape of the tooth. – Time taken – about 45 minutes

Designing – The second step is planning and designing the crown. The Artificial Intelligence of the CEREC system uses advanced algorithms to match the shape of the new crowns to the adjacent teeth – or it uses the biocopy taken in the first scan to design the crown in a few minutes. Human intervention is minimal – there are thousands of template combinations present in the database to make the crown as natural and esthetic as possible. The planning dentist needs only to fine-tune and make minor modifications to the proposed design. The whole designing process takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

Manufacture – This is where the beauty of the system truly shines. Using a seamless digital workflow, the CEREC system wireless transmits the data in seconds to the milling machine. The CEREC MC XL is a robot with dual motors to flawlessly mill the crown from a pre-cut ceramic block. The milling or grinding process takes about 10 to 15 minutes at most and the crown is ready for finishing.

Sintering or Glazing – This final step is where the material is heated at around a 1000 degrees in a device called the SPEEDFURNACE. The high temperatures change the crystal structure of the ceramics making them super hard and shiny and bring out the natural life-like characteristics of real teeth. Some stains are then put on for even more natural effects if desired. This part of the process takes around half an hour or so.

Sand blasting and Cleaning – The final crown is sand-blasted on the inner surfaces to increase the roughness so the bonding cement has a better “grip” on the crown. The crown is cleaned and then checked in the mouth for fit. If everything is satisfactory, the crown is cleaned again for final cementation. Time taken – 1 minute.

Delivery – The final crown is cemented on the tooth and all excess cement is removed. A final check is done for the bite comfort and the process is complete!

Same Day Dental Implants Dubai

Same Day Dental Implants in Dubai

Are same day dental implants in Dubai a reality?

Is it really possible to do implants AND crowns on the same day? Yes, now same day dental implants Dubai !!

And finally –  does the cost of same day dental implants break the bank??


With some skill, good implant design and some technology – almost every time!

Traditionally patients were told to wait for 3 – 4 months before getting implants done and to wait for another 3 months before getting the final crowns done. This has been repeated so often that many people think that same day dental implants are a gimmick or a scam! So what makes a procedure that used to take 6 months possible to do in 6  HOURS? Read on to find out .  .  .


The first step is the planning. A 3D scan is taken of the teeth to be extracted prior to any work being done. This is called a CBCT which is a low dose high resolution imaging technology which lets us know “see” the teeth roots, and the available bone for implant placement. If there is enough bone for implant placement, a same day implant can usually be done with a high degree of predictability.

The trick is in using a wide enough diameter of implant that can fit in the available bone with an adequate amount of “tightness” or torque. The implant thread geometry also plays a vital role – not all implants are the same! Implants designed for immediate or same day crowns have threads designed differently in order to firmly bind to the bone. The insertion torque is checked at the time the implant is placed and if it’s insufficient then a wider or longer implant can be placed. If the bone is too soft then the bone can be “densified” using special implant drills that are designed to push the bone to the side rather than taking  bone out. This saves valuable bone and increases the “grip” on the dental implant, a process called osseointegrationThe implant can also be checked for stability using other tools – A ground breaking unique technology called Resonance Frequency Analysis is also used to check bone-implant contact. If the implant passes both these tests – the implant is ready to be loaded – which means its ready for the crown.

At this point – a digital impression using a high speed scanner (which takes a couple of hundred photos per second) is used.  This saves valuable time (and is a lot more comfortable then messy impression pastes) and a digital mold can be made in seconds in the CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) computer. The crown is designed in minutes by the dentist and instructions for the same day crown is sent out wirelessly to a robotic milling machine. It takes an average of about 15 minutes to grind or mill the crown from a pre-cut ceramic block of the correct shade. The freshly cut ceramic crown is then put in a ceramic furnace and heated to about a 1000 degrees to strengthen and crystallize the ceramic.

And the final step for the Same Day Dental Implants in Dubai or anywhere else for that matter is to try and place the crown in the patients mouth. The contacts with the other teeth and the bite are checked and if all is ok then the screw hole on the top of the crown is closed with a cement of the same color.

On a final note – the cost of Same Day Dental Implants are not more expensive than regular staged implant placements. The combination of smart implant systems and a highly efficient workflow can make Same Day Dental Implants in Dubai affordable and extremely cost-effective.

For more details we will be a uploading a video shortly on our social media pages as well as on our page on implants.





How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic procedures done in dentistry. And one of the most common questions that we get asked ALL the time is how long the results last?  There are many options for tooth whitening and the length of time that visible results can vary as well. So read on…..


Let’s take a look at the types of whitening treatment available;

  • Whitening strips
  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Whitening pens
  • Whitening mouthwash
  • Whitening trays


Whitening strips: These are one of the easiest to whiten teeth.  Examples of whitening strips are Crest 3D White Glamorous white strips, Zimba Teeth whitening strips, etc. They contain very mild amounts of whitening agents so they are most effective for very mild discoloration or touch-up treatment. They are not effective when stains are very dark or long-standing. Relapse of the whitening is also relatively quicker.


Whitening toothpaste: These are used to easily and comfortably surface stains only. Examples of toothpaste that can be used are Tom’s of Maine Simply White Natural Toothpaste, Colgate Optic White Whitening Toothpaste, etc. However, most of them work only with mechanical abrasion  – they scrape the stain away physically and not chemically. Most of them are quite abrasive – so must be used with caution – especially if the enamel is very thin. For effective whitening of the tooth, brush the teeth at least twice a day and make sure you brush them well. They can be quite effective on nicotine, tea and coffee stains, however.


Whitening pens: These are small, thin, and portable plastic tubes that contain a whitening gel that helps to improve the teeth’ color by removing stains on the tooth. Unlike toothpaste, these whitening gels produce results quickly and brighten your smile but are only effective when used in small areas such as small nicks on the teeth where stains build up repeatedly.


Whitening mouthwash: This is one of the safest whitening treatments to use when considering teeth whitening because of the peroxide additive such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which is at a low concentration. This causes no harm to the teeth and oral tissues. It should be used 3-4 times a week for improvement, Whitening mouthwash with no alcohol in them is advised to be used as others that contain alcohol causes a drying effect and also lead to a dry mouth which might develop decay and cause tooth sensitivity. Examples are Colgate Optic White Whitening Mouthwash, Crest 3D White Brilliance Whitening Mouthwash, Solimo Whitening Mouthwash, Supersmile Whitening PreRinse, etc.


Whitening Trays: These are made of flexible material that fits over your teeth. They usually take more time than other whitening options. There are options for daytime wear for about thirty minutes twice a day and others meant for overnight wear for a few nights.  Examples are Opalescence and Zoom by Phillips. They are by far the MOST effective whitening methods and also last the longest since the whitening gel works undisturbed by the saliva which dilutes most whitening processes.


How Effective are these whitening treatments;

Some factors make it effective. Which are;

  • Discoloration of the teeth
  • The application process of the whitening treatments

There are different types of stains, some whitening instruments can whiten brown stains and not whiten yellow stains, it varies. The amount of time some of these whitening treatments use while applying them also matters a lot, it is advisable to check the prescription on the whitening treatment before using them.


Will Teeth whitening work on false teeth

No, it is only effective on living surfaces. False teeth are prosthetic and they include porcelain veneers.


Do I need to get whitening teeth?

If you would love to lighten the current shade of your teeth, then you should consider whitening your teeth. Here are some of the reasons why you need to whiten your teeth;

  • Special Occasions
  • Job interviews
  • Discoloration
  • Age
  • Smoking
  • To boost Self-Confidence
  • Diet choices

Side effects of the whitening treatment

  • Irritation
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold food or drinks
  • Discomfort if you have a sensitive tooth
  • Inflammation of the teeth

Risks attached to Teeth whitening 

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Enamel erosion
  • Mucous membrane damage in the mouth
  • Dental root damage
  • Gum sensitivity

Ways to look after the teeth after whitening

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Avoid foods or drinks that can stain the teeth like coffee, tea, red wine, Dark chocolate, Fruit juices, Acidic foods like lemons, oranges, etc.
  • Teeth flossing is highly important
  • Use whitening toothpaste at least twice a week

Cost of teeth whitening 

The cost of teeth whitening varies in terms of procedure, professional, products, in-office, and the likes. Research has shown that professional teeth whitening costs more than others it also lasts longer than others. It is advisable to go for professional teeth whitening if you can afford it to save more money in the long run.


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