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All-on-4 dental implants
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All-on-4 Dental Implants

Are you tired of wearing your old pair of dentures? Wish for something permanent and sturdy? If you are nodding yes, then we may have just the solution for you with All-on-4 Dental Implants!

What are All-on-4 Dentures?

All-on-4 concept of Dental Implants is a novel and revolutionary solution for rehabilitating upper and lower arch in cases where all teeth are missing, that is when the patient is completely edentulous.

Four dental implants are strategically placed into the upper and lower jawbone via an incision on the gums. These implants form the foundation for the placement of a complete bridge or a denture. Over the course of 6 months, these implants will firmly attach to the bone. Over these, intermediate fixtures are present, giving attachment to your customized denture.

All-on-4 dental implants in Dubai have incredible strength and offer superior aesthetics, making them highly desirable. These specialized dentures are not bulky and give you the freedom to eat whatever you want without restrictions. Unlike traditional dentures, all-on-4 do not alter your taste sensations, ensuring you can enjoy your food thoroughly.

What are the types of All-on-4 dental implants In Dubai?

With All-on-4, you have two options:

Option A: Our dental implant specialist in Dubai will fabricate a continuous titanium bar with intermediate fixtures. Acrylic is fused over the titanium bar to replicate the gums and the teeth. The titanium bar ensures support and restores speech and chewing, while acrylic allows for proper aesthetics. These are stable, highly durable and comfortable in the long run.

However, since there are three different components attached, there are some small areas of weakness. Any complex force can cause these to snap or break, which will mandate their repair and, in some cases, even replacement.

Option 2: Our implant doctor will make the entire prostheses from zirconia in the second option. Zirconia is the strongest of all materials currently used in dentistry. Since the whole structure is made from a single material, it makes it stronger and more resistant to breakage. Zirconia All-on-4 also last longer as compared to the metal with acrylic.

Zirconia offers the most superior and excellent aesthetics and allows you to customize every aspect of your new teeth. Right from the colour to the texture of your artificial gum tissue to the teeth.

Zirconia all-on-4 provides greater stability and can withstand heavier forces.

Pros of All-on-4 Dental Implants

  • All-on-4 concept of dental implants in Dubai provides your dentures greater stability and comfort.
  • The denture or bridge is attached to the implant, so you don’t have to worry about your dentures getting dislodged.
  • It allows for better control over speech and chewing.
  • Improved and superior aesthetics.
  • Implants keep your jawbone stimulated and lowers the chance of bone loss. This ensures your facial proportions are maintained.
  • A complete smile gives you a youthful glow as it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Easy to maintain, all you have to do is brush and rinse your mouth twice a day as usual.
  • Does not require additional procedures like bone grafting.
  • One time investment.

Cons of All-on-4 Dental Implants

  • It tends to be a costlier affair than traditional dentures because it involves advanced technology and requires higher precision.
  • Maybe contraindicated in patients with uncontrolled diabetes.

If you are ready to experience the wonders of a beautiful smile and patient-centred dental care in Dubai, schedule an appointment at New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic today. If you have any more questions or want to know more about our services, please reach out to us; our team is here to assist you.

All-on-4 dental implants

Aligners v/s Braces: What should you choose?

Everyone wants a beautiful smile with their pearly whites properly aligned. However, some people have crooked teeth that require orthodontic treatment. People often find themselves in a dilemma about whether they should choose braces or aligners. Simply put, your preferences and your case help determine the right treatment for you. Clear aligners are an option if you don’t wish to compromise on your looks while getting the treatment. Contrary to this, treatment with braces is a desirable option in complicated cases where aligners won’t help. Without much ado, let’s shed light on the use of both and help you make a wise decision.


Custom-made to snugly fit the teeth, aligners are made of plastic. They gradually move the teeth in their final position for an aligned smile. Minute quantities of composite resin attached to the teeth help maintain a firm grip between the teeth and the aligners. Composite resin is a filling material that matches the tooth colour while allowing movement of the teeth.

Advantages of aligners

  • As aligners are clear, they are not noticeable, making them a favourable choice.
  • You can have a diet containing your favourite food items because you can remove them while eating.
  • They offer much comfort with minimal irritation to the surrounding oral tissues.
  • One faces no challenge in cleaning their teeth efficiently.


  • Often patients feel shy to remove aligners if they are eating in public.
  • Generally speaking, they are a bit costlier in comparison to the braces.
  • One needs to wear them for at least 22 hours every day for effective results.
  • If your case is a bit complicated, the dentist won’t recommend clear aligners in Dubai.


Made from metal or porcelain, the dentist will attach braces to your teeth. Braces help in the correct position of the teeth by providing a constant force. Rubber bands and metal wires used in braces apply force on the teeth to bring the desired movement.

Advantages of braces

  • You can choose from a variety of braces available in varying colours. There is also a choice of somewhat invisible porcelain braces.
  • Braces can treat all orthodontic cases- whether simple or complex.
  • You are free from the hassle of remembering to remove or wear them because braces attach directly to your teeth.

Disadvantages of braces

  • Treatment of braces in Dubai is not a good choice for those who cannot tolerate discomfort. Braces tend to rub on your cheeks or lips, which may cause a little discomfort.
  • It is difficult to maintain oral hygiene when you are wearing braces.
  • Unlike aligners, braces are not invisible and may affect your appearance.
  • You need to modify your diet when you have braces. Hard or sticky food items tend to cause breakage, which will delay your treatment.

What do they treat?

Both- aligners and braces help correct the bite issues and straighten your teeth. Braces can treat complicated problems like crowding with improper occlusion. Aligners help to close the gaps between the teeth and enhance the look. Well, the simpler the case, the aligners are the choice. Also, the more difficult the case, braces are preferable.

Book an appointment with New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic, Dubai, for more information and the best orthodontic treatment.

All-on-4 dental implants

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment forms the mainstay of therapeutic procedures and is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures around the world. Root canal treatment is carried out to treat heavily infected and painful teeth. They may also be advised in case of a broken tooth as it helps save the tooth and protects it from further damage.

What happens during a root canal treatment?

The offending tooth is first analyzed for the extent of the damage. Next, one of our excellent dentists will numb the tooth and use a dental drill to remove the infected part and gain access to the inside of the tooth.

Specialized root canal instruments are used to clear out the tooth’s infected pulp. Pulp harbours blood vessels and nerves of the tooth, and any infection or exposure to the pulp is the reason behind tooth pain.

Once the pulp has been removed, its empty root canal is filled or obturated with the help of root canal filling material. The tooth is sealed, which completes the root canal treatment. In some cases, your dentist at New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic may prescribe you a dental crown for reinforcement and added protection.

Conventional root canal treatments require multiple visits, usually 3 to 4. This means the treatment lasts for a longer duration, and you are required to come to the clinic multiple times. This can be stressful and even cumbersome.

To ensure our patients get faster relief and in a time duration that is comfortable for them, we introduced Single Visit Root Canal Treatment in Dubai.

What is Single Visit Root Canal Treatment?

As the name suggests, this root canal is completed in a single day. It is a conservative approach to treating painful teeth which employs advanced dental technology.

Our clinic is equipped with dental loupes and rotary machines that allow us to work quickly and efficiently. The offending tooth is opened, cleaned and filled in a single visit, which means you won’t have to come to multiple appointments.

Are you a candidate for Single Visit Root Canal Treatment?

One visit root canal treatment is safe and offers excellent results in most cases. This technique can be employed to alleviate symptoms of painful teeth and can also be used to treat necrotic teeth, fractured teeth or teeth that are selected for supporting a bridge.

Although single visit root canal treatment can be done in most cases, there are certain situations where multiple visits become mandatory. If you have a long-standing infection or a large dental abscess, our dentist may advise you against this treatment. The choice of opting for multiple or single visit root canal treatment in Dubai will also depend upon the case’s complexity. If you have decreased mouth opening or cannot keep your mouth open for a longer duration and have complex teeth anatomy, this treatment may not be for you.

Benefits of Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

  • It is convenient and saves time.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple dental visits.
  • Saves the tooth from further damage.

Disadvantages of Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

  • It cannot be employed in the treatment of complex cases.
  • Patients are required to sit with their mouths open for a long duration in a single visit.

If your painful tooth has been bothering you, then this is your sign of coming in for a dental check-up at New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic and experiencing the wonders of Single visit root canal treatment in Dubai. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us. Our team of excellent dental surgeons are here to assist you in your journey to a healthy and pain-free smile.

All-on-4 dental implants

Wisdom teeth – to extract or not?

One of the most common questions that we get asked by our patients at New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic happens to be – Do I need to get my wisdom teeth extracted?

The frequency of this question made us realise how crucial this question is and how confusing it can be for patients. Therefore, through this blog, we will uncover the reason behind wisdom teeth removal.

Third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, are the large back teeth in your mouth. These are the last teeth to erupt in the oral cavity and usually come out after the age of 18.

Wisdom teeth do not need to be removed if they have entirely erupted in the proper position and bite and are healthy (devoid of dental decay and infections).

However, in recent times, the incidence of unerupted or improperly erupted wisdom teeth has seen rapid growth as the average jaw size is decreasing. This causes the wisdom teeth to erupt at unusual angles partially. This can make keeping these teeth clean a little complex as the average toothbrush cannot reach that far back. It makes the wisdom teeth susceptible to dental decay and gum diseases. If your wisdom tooth is infected or decayed, your dentist will advise you to opt for its removal to ensure the safety of your remaining healthy teeth.

In some cases, wisdom teeth may not erupt at all and become impacted. This happens when there is no space for the tooth to come out, and the tooth gets trapped in the bone. The tooth keeps pushing the teeth in front as it tries to erupt into the oral cavity. This can lead to immense pain and discomfort. It is important to consult a dental surgeon in Dubai and get the affected wisdom tooth removed in such situations. Delaying treatment leads to chronic pain and puts your second healthy molar at risk.

Impacted and partially erupted third molars are also great hiding spots for bacteria which can affect even the usually erupted and healthy second molar and compromise their structural integrity due to dental cavities or gum infections.

An impacted wisdom tooth can often be associated with pathologies like a cyst or abscess. Any cyst, disease or infection of the third molar makes its removal necessary. Delay can cause the cyst to enlarge and lead to more significant complications. Therefore, it is essential to get your wisdom teeth extracted once advised.

Third molars, especially impacted third molars, can also affect the position of normal teeth. This can lead to some amount of misalignment, which further mandates their removal.

Problems with wisdom teeth can also lead to sinus infections, contributing to pain, pressure, and congestion. The only way to relieve these symptoms is to remove the third molar.

Third molar pain can be localised to the affected tooth or can radiate to the entire jaw, front of the ear, and neck and can even cause headaches. If you think this type of tooth need to be checked, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic today. Experience the best in class dental care in Dubai with our excellent dentists, and let us help you to better oral and overall health.

Bridges vs Implants

Bridges vs Implants

Living with missing teeth can be extremely challenging. It makes chewing difficult, contributes to speech impediments, changes facial appearance, and leads to loss of confidence. Therefore, it is of the essence to get your missing teeth replaced as soon as possible.

Have you decided to replace your missing teeth but are confused about whether to opt for a dental bridge or a dental implant? Well, then this blog is just for you. Keep reading ahead as we help you uncover their differences.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are the most superior teeth replacement option that is currently available in dentistry and function just like a natural tooth. A dental implant is a screw-shaped fixture that is surgically placed in your jawbone and mimics a natural tooth root. It forms a foundation over which a dental crown, bridge or denture can be placed. It is made from titanium which ensures its safety and biocompatibility. Once placed, it takes over six months for the implant to become one with the bone.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge is a time-tested and non-surgical method of replacing missing teeth. A bridge is fixed with the help of two crowns placed on the teeth located adjacent to the missing teeth space. With the help of these supporting crowns, a false tooth is suspended in the space to replace the lost teeth.

Significant differences between a dental implant and a dental bridge

Dental bridge placement requires reducing and preparing adjacent healthy teeth as it suspends the artificial tooth (pontic) and supports the bridge. On the other hand, a dental implant derives its support from the bone and does not disturb the remaining healthy teeth.

Placement of a dental implant is an extensive surgical procedure and requires time and planning. In contrast, a bridge placement can be concluded in a few days.

Dental implants offer a permanent fixed solution. Once placed and healed, it will be similar to your natural tooth root. Implants are robust and made to last a lifetime if you maintain oral hygiene. However, dental bridges are fixed but not permanent solutions and need replacement every few years. A bridge can also dislodge if heavy forces are applied to it or if you consume a sticky food substance as they are fixed with the help of dental cement.

Cost differences

Dental implants in Dubai tend to be a slightly expensive affair as they are technique sensitive and require heavier materials for their placement. However, these are permanent and generally a one-time investment. On the other hand, a dental bridge in Dubai can be affordable but require replacement, which turns out to be expensive in the long run.


Restoration with dental implants offers a more natural and superior aesthetics than dental bridges.

Dental implants stop the process of bone loss and help maintain facial proportions ensuring a youthful appearance and a glowing smile. This is not true for dental bridges; it does not stimulate the jaw bone and promotes bone loss, leading to changing facial proportions in the long run.


Dental implants and bridges both restore chewing and speech. However, in comparison, dental implants can sustain higher chewing forces comparable to natural teeth, which allows you to eat whatever you want without any restrictions.

We hope this blog cleared some of your doubts regarding the two teeth replacement solutions. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us at New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic in Dubai. Our team of excellent dental professionals is here to assist you in your journey to a youthful and glowing smile!


How can dentists help with sleep apnea and snoring?

Do you have a problem of snoring while you are fast asleep? Is the fear of suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) worrying you day by day? Well, you may have no clue about it, but your dentist can help you out. If you need sleep apnea treatment in Dubai then you should visit the dentist is the best recommendation to get the proper treatment. Your dentist will examine you to diagnose the condition and evaluate the related risks. The presence of sore jaws or sensitivity in your teeth indicates you grind your teeth. Let’s learn about snoring/OSA and how your dentist can help you get rid of the same.

Causes of sleep apnea

A blockage of the airway can lead to OSA or snoring. The soft tissue present in the throat in the rear part, when it collapses, can cause blockage. Alcohol consumption may also result in snoring or OSA by causing throat muscles to relax. Other causes include inadequate sleep or changing the sleep position. If you suffer from a nasal congestion problem for a long time, you will experience snoring or OSA.

Risk factors

Certain factors increase your risk of suffering from the problem of OSA or snoring. Men usually tend to have these problems more than women, especially if they are overweight. Many people suffer from these conditions as a result of hereditary factors. Yes, you are more likely to snore or develop OSA if you have it in your family history. Some people suffer from these conditions because of a narrow airway or if they have large tonsils. If you looking for snoring treatment in dubai your dentist can help you.

Treatment from the dentist

When you visit your dentist for the problem of snoring, they will provide you with night guards. You need to wear these mouthguards while you sleep. They are custom-fit oral appliances that resemble sports mouth guards. The custom guards help to move your jaws slightly in the forward direction. A significant advantage of custom night guards is that it prevents the closure of your airway. Your tendency to snore reduces significantly to allow you to breathe comfortably.

Advantages of oral appliances

A majority of the patients experience a better quality of sleep while wearing these nightguards. The research studies reveal that more than 90% of the patients are already reaping the rich benefits of this appliance. Using night guards or any other oral appliance has several advantages.

  • These customised night guards offer you convenience while you wear them. They perfectly fit your jaws and teeth to reduce discomfort and provide personalised treatment.
  • You need not undergo any surgical procedures as this is a non-invasive method. They are easy to wear and cause no pain while you use them.
  • You will experience a better quality of sleep with no interruptions. This will improve your functioning in your daily routine.

Your condition will help your dentist determine the right appliance for you. Visit New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic, Dubai, today and get the much-needed relief from snoring for prompt treatment.

same day crown

Same Day Crowns

Dubai is one of the fastest cities in the world. The demand from our patients to finish work in a single visit is huge! Our patients come from all over the world, travelling farther just so they can have their dental work finished in as few visits as possible. Using cutting edge technology from the CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) system it’s possible to have both ceramic and zirconia crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges and even Implant crowns to be delivered in a single visit. How are same day crowns even possible? How does a process that used to take a few days and in the case of implants – a few months – now be completed in just a few hours? Read on to find out!

Scanning – The first step is to scan an existing old crown or broken tooth if possible. This gives the planning software a kind of “template” to design the new crown. This is called a “biocopy” and takes about a minute or two. The next step is to prepare and shape the tooth in the normal way – about a mm of the tooth is trimmed down to make sure the crown has enough bulk and strength to last a long time. We use a proprietary kind of ceramic called e-max which is time tested with millions of restorations all around the world and multi-shaded Zirconia which is unmatched in strength and durability. Both these materials require a thickness of only 1mm to fabricate predictable, long lasting crowns. Once the “prep” is complete, a second scan is done to capture the new shape of the tooth. – Time taken – about 45 minutes

Designing – The second step is planning and designing the crown. The Artificial Intelligence of the CEREC system uses advanced algorithms to match the shape of the new crowns to the adjacent teeth – or it uses the biocopy taken in the first scan to design the crown in a few minutes. Human intervention is minimal – there are thousands of template combinations present in the database to make the crown as natural and esthetic as possible. The planning dentist needs only to fine-tune and make minor modifications to the proposed design. The whole designing process takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

Manufacture – This is where the beauty of the system truly shines. Using a seamless digital workflow, the CEREC system wireless transmits the data in seconds to the milling machine. The CEREC MC XL is a robot with dual motors to flawlessly mill the crown from a pre-cut ceramic block. The milling or grinding process takes about 10 to 15 minutes at most and the crown is ready for finishing.

Sintering or Glazing – This final step is where the material is heated at around a 1000 degrees in a device called the SPEEDFURNACE. The high temperatures change the crystal structure of the ceramics making them super hard and shiny and bring out the natural life-like characteristics of real teeth. Some stains are then put on for even more natural effects if desired. This part of the process takes around half an hour or so.

Sand blasting and Cleaning – The final crown is sand-blasted on the inner surfaces to increase the roughness so the bonding cement has a better “grip” on the crown. The crown is cleaned and then checked in the mouth for fit. If everything is satisfactory, the crown is cleaned again for final cementation. Time taken – 1 minute.

Delivery – The final crown is cemented on the tooth and all excess cement is removed. A final check is done for the bite comfort and the process is complete!

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