How can dentists help with sleep apnea and snoring?

Do you have a problem of snoring while you are fast asleep? Is the fear of suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) worrying you day by day? Well, you may have no clue about it, but your dentist can help you out. If you need sleep apnea treatment in Dubai then you should visit the dentist is the best recommendation to get the proper treatment. Your dentist will examine you to diagnose the condition and evaluate the related risks. The presence of sore jaws or sensitivity in your teeth indicates you grind your teeth. Let’s learn about snoring/OSA and how your dentist can help you get rid of the same.

Causes of sleep apnea

A blockage of the airway can lead to OSA or snoring. The soft tissue present in the throat in the rear part, when it collapses, can cause blockage. Alcohol consumption may also result in snoring or OSA by causing throat muscles to relax. Other causes include inadequate sleep or changing the sleep position. If you suffer from a nasal congestion problem for a long time, you will experience snoring or OSA.

Risk factors

Certain factors increase your risk of suffering from the problem of OSA or snoring. Men usually tend to have these problems more than women, especially if they are overweight. Many people suffer from these conditions as a result of hereditary factors. Yes, you are more likely to snore or develop OSA if you have it in your family history. Some people suffer from these conditions because of a narrow airway or if they have large tonsils. If you looking for snoring treatment in dubai your dentist can help you.

Treatment from the dentist

When you visit your dentist for the problem of snoring, they will provide you with night guards. You need to wear these mouthguards while you sleep. They are custom-fit oral appliances that resemble sports mouth guards. The custom guards help to move your jaws slightly in the forward direction. A significant advantage of custom night guards is that it prevents the closure of your airway. Your tendency to snore reduces significantly to allow you to breathe comfortably.

Advantages of oral appliances

A majority of the patients experience a better quality of sleep while wearing these nightguards. The research studies reveal that more than 90% of the patients are already reaping the rich benefits of this appliance. Using night guards or any other oral appliance has several advantages.

  • These customised night guards offer you convenience while you wear them. They perfectly fit your jaws and teeth to reduce discomfort and provide personalised treatment.
  • You need not undergo any surgical procedures as this is a non-invasive method. They are easy to wear and cause no pain while you use them.
  • You will experience a better quality of sleep with no interruptions. This will improve your functioning in your daily routine.

Your condition will help your dentist determine the right appliance for you. Visit New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic, Dubai, today and get the much-needed relief from snoring for prompt treatment.