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Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment forms the mainstay of therapeutic procedures and is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures around the world. Root canal treatment is carried out to treat heavily infected and painful teeth. They may also be advised in case of a broken tooth as it helps save the tooth and protects it from further damage.

What happens during a root canal treatment?

The offending tooth is first analyzed for the extent of the damage. Next, one of our excellent dentists will numb the tooth and use a dental drill to remove the infected part and gain access to the inside of the tooth.

Specialized root canal instruments are used to clear out the tooth’s infected pulp. Pulp harbours blood vessels and nerves of the tooth, and any infection or exposure to the pulp is the reason behind tooth pain.

Once the pulp has been removed, its empty root canal is filled or obturated with the help of root canal filling material. The tooth is sealed, which completes the root canal treatment. In some cases, your dentist at New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic may prescribe you a dental crown for reinforcement and added protection.

Conventional root canal treatments require multiple visits, usually 3 to 4. This means the treatment lasts for a longer duration, and you are required to come to the clinic multiple times. This can be stressful and even cumbersome.

To ensure our patients get faster relief and in a time duration that is comfortable for them, we introduced Single Visit Root Canal Treatment in Dubai.

What is Single Visit Root Canal Treatment?

As the name suggests, this root canal is completed in a single day. It is a conservative approach to treating painful teeth which employs advanced dental technology.

Our clinic is equipped with dental loupes and rotary machines that allow us to work quickly and efficiently. The offending tooth is opened, cleaned and filled in a single visit, which means you won’t have to come to multiple appointments.

Are you a candidate for Single Visit Root Canal Treatment?

One visit root canal treatment is safe and offers excellent results in most cases. This technique can be employed to alleviate symptoms of painful teeth and can also be used to treat necrotic teeth, fractured teeth or teeth that are selected for supporting a bridge.

Although single visit root canal treatment can be done in most cases, there are certain situations where multiple visits become mandatory. If you have a long-standing infection or a large dental abscess, our dentist may advise you against this treatment. The choice of opting for multiple or single visit root canal treatment in Dubai will also depend upon the case’s complexity. If you have decreased mouth opening or cannot keep your mouth open for a longer duration and have complex teeth anatomy, this treatment may not be for you.

Benefits of Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

  • It is convenient and saves time.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple dental visits.
  • Saves the tooth from further damage.

Disadvantages of Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

  • It cannot be employed in the treatment of complex cases.
  • Patients are required to sit with their mouths open for a long duration in a single visit.

If your painful tooth has been bothering you, then this is your sign of coming in for a dental check-up at New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic and experiencing the wonders of Single visit root canal treatment in Dubai. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us. Our team of excellent dental surgeons are here to assist you in your journey to a healthy and pain-free smile.