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Zoom Teeth Whitening Dubai

A nice whitening session is one of the easiest ways for a quick smile makeover! We use the Zoom system that offers a rapid, reliable and predictable way to safely and quickly whiten teeth.

Teeth whitening treatments are a safe way to eliminate the yellow stains that impact your smile. . Our teeth whitening methods include in-office whitening with the world famous Zoom system, customized take-home whitening trays OR a combination of the two. If you would love to have a brighter smile but are not interested in the “Hollwood smile” look a procedure called ABB – Align, bleach and bond might be a good alternative. The process starts with tooth alignment using aligners, bleaching or tooth whitening and finally touching up the teeth with some bonding or composite veneers.

Teeth Whitening Dubai

Just 3 Nights of Take Home whitening got us this amazing result!

Take home Whitening –


Cleaning the teeth is the first step. A thorough removal of tartar and stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine, fruit juices and smoking using a prophy jet which blasts out all the stains with minimal fuss. Then impressions are made and highly accurate customized bleaching trays are fabricated to hold the whitening gel in your mouth. The trays are designed to keep the gel ON the teeth and the saliva, (which neutralizes the gel) OUT of the teeth.  Routinely about 1o to 14 nights of overnight wear is all you need to whiten your teeth.  For persistent and old stains, we might recommend a longer time frame. Generally yellow and brown stains lighter more than greyish stains. Teeth which have had root canal treatment might require a different technique to whiten the teeth – called a walking bleach technique which can be very effective!



The Picture on the left is one which has responded amazingly well to just 3 nights of whitening! Of course not every case responds as rapidly but most can have very nice and similar results with a few more nights of wear.

Zoom Whitening (in-office) –

For the QUICKEST whitening

Zoom whitening is an in-office process that rapidly whitens the teeth predictably. The procedure takes around 45 to 60 minutes. We recommend a thorough cleaning and polishing with a prophy jet to remove all superficial stains. After the cleaning, the gums are protected with a special gel and then the Zoom whitening gel is applied to the surface of the teeth. Next, we will introduce the ZOOM light beam to the surface of the teeth which activates the gel and this will rapidly break down the stubborn stains. Normally this is done in three cycles of 15 minutes each refreshing the gel each time. A fourth cycle may be applied if necessary.

Why choose our Teeth Whitening Dubai

We see multiple patients that have been unhappy with their tooth whitening in the past. Most of the time the reason for unsatisfactory results is the reliance of laboratory molded whitening trays which don’t fit very well  or the use of extremely strong whitening gels which cause extreme sensitivity and do not allow the patient to complete the whitening process in a comfortable manner. All our teeth whitening Dubai specialists have substantial training in teeth whitening treatments that equip them to handle complex teeth whitening issues successfully and predictably. Book a consultation to get a comprehensive examination, today!

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