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Your Favorite Soft Drink is Causing Tooth Decay

How soft drinks cause tooth decay over time and how to prevent it

Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of tooth erosion and, in some cases, tooth loss. It is more common in children than in adults mainly because of the high consumption of soft drinks and juices that we let our children drink. These drinks are advertised to be safe for consumption, but they do exponential damage that is hard to reverse in the long run. Dentist Dubai ( is  a Dental and implant clinic in Dubai.


Here we have examined the impact of soft drinks on dental health and what measures are necessary to prevent the irreparable loss.

The levels of acidity in different drinks

Many few people understand the acidity levels in the drinks we consume on a day-to-day basis, which is probably why most of us are negligent about how we consume the drinks. Generally, there are three levels of acidity ranging from high to low acidity.

High acidity drinks include sports energy drinks and soda drinks (both diet and sugar added). They should be consumed rarely.

Medium acidity drinks include fruit juices that should only be consumed occasionally.

Low acidity drinks include milk and water and should be consumed often.

The high acidity drinks are more likely to cause enamel damage that can lead to tooth decay and cavities, while medium to low acidity drinks is less likely to cause any substantial dental damage.

Why you should care about the acidity in the drinks

Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria in the mouth combines with the sugar with the drinks, producing acid. The acid produced in the mouth combines with the acid in the soft drink and attacks the enamel of the teeth causing decay and erosion. Even if you are choosing diet or sugar-free drinks, there’s still acid in them. Prolonged use of soft drinks can weaken the enamel causing tooth cavities.

How to prevent tooth erosion and decay

It would be impossible to eradicate soft drink consumption; however, you can monitor your intake and ensure that you don’t consume them too often. Here are some of the tips that can help you prevent tooth decay and enamel erosion in case your consumption of soft drinks is high:

  • Always use a straw to avoid exposing your teeth to the acid and the sugar.
  • Always rinse your mouth or drink water after consuming a soft drink. Make sure that the water is fluoridated.
  • Always brush your teeth after consuming high acidity foods and drinks. Wait for 45 minutes after the consumption to let the PH level balance before you brush your teeth.
  • Avoid taking any sugary drinks (or any drinks except for water) before going to bed. If you forget to brush your teeth, the liquid will coat the surface and surround of your teeth causing an acid attack.
  • Visit your nearest dentist in Dubai if the problem is very severe

Cavities are silent killers. Make sure to get an oral exam at least twice a year make sure there aren’t any hidden cavities that may lead to infection. To protect your teeth in the long run, Choose water over soft drinks whenever you can.